The Most Useful Products of Autumn

Autumn is a beautiful time. At this time, you can buy in the store a lot of vegetables and fruits. As you know, with the help of these products you can saturate your body with useful substances.

But what products of autumn are considered to be the most useful for our body?

1. Apples. Apples are one of the most useful fruits. In the day you need to eat a few apples. So you will provide prophylaxis for many diseases (anemia).
2. Pumpkin. From the pumpkin you can cook many interesting and delicious dishes. But there is nothing tastier than a baked vegetable in the oven. So in it the maximum quantity of useful substances is saved. And the taste of the finished product is difficult to convey in words.
3. Beets. Boil the beets, add a little nuts and season with sunflower oil. Such a salad will bring a lot of health benefits – the intestine will work without failures, and the body will be saturated with all useful substances.
4. Carrots. More often eat carrots. It can be eaten fresh or stewed. Vegetables contain vitamin A in the composition, which provides prevention of visual impairment.

Proper nutrition is a guarantee of strength and health.

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