The New Generation Supports Hillary Clinton

Analysts studied the electoral mood of the population: two weeks before the vote itself is clear that Hillary Clinton has received considerable support younger generations of US.
The study, conducted by the specialists of the Institute of Politics at Harvard University, it was found that a Democrat Hillary Clinton ahead of his main rival, Donald Trump almost thirty percent. The survey involved people aged 18 to 29 years. Especially support Democratic Party candidate female population: more than half of the two thousandth generation of girls plan to give voice to her.

Among all young people surveyed popularity of Hillary Clinton by 14 percent more than in the elections of 2012, won by Barack Obama. Same as the female figures and surveys of young men: almost half supported the Democratic Party. According to one of the respondents – Clinton is more suitable for the post of president because of the presence of work experience, and Trump will be bad to cope with their responsibilities.

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