The Problem – Hair Loss

Today, many women are faced with the problem of hair loss. I must say that you can not leave without attention to hair loss. The situation is quite serious. Do not think that everything will be and will pass by itself.

So, what to do with hair loss?

1. Power. It is extremely important to pay attention to proper nutrition. Be sure to include in your diet cottage cheese. This is the product that will have a positive effect on hair. Remember, the more varied diet, the better.
2. Massage. Every night before going to sleep, perform boring head massage. This procedure strengthens the hair follicles. In addition, it will help to relax.
3. Masks. Twice a week, you need to put a mask on your hair. You can use henna or burdock oil.
4. Hairstyle. Choose those hairstyles that do not involve a tightening of the hair in a tight bun. Strong tension harms the hair.
5. Wash. Wash your hair should be warm but not hot water.

Beautiful hair – it’s real. To do this, just a little try.

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