The Problem – the Layer of Nails

At present, cleaning the house, washing the dishes meet women. But, to be more precise, its hands.

After the homework your skin becomes dry and starts to peel off, and nails may begin to stratify. This is a fairly common problem faced by women in many countries. But do not despair. With any problem can be overcome.

So how can you deal with the problem layer of nails?

1. Baths. Baths with sea salt and iodine will have a positive effect on the nails.
2. Nutrition. It would not have been useful external procedures, it is equally important to eat right. It is equally important to have a diet that should be varied. Eat fresh greens, vegetables, fruit, cheese, meat.
3. Olive oil. Nails must be nourished. This can be done using olive oil. This is an excellent conductor of all nutrients. Note oil is also beneficial for the skin.
4. Lemon. After all procedures apply a nail a few drops of lemon juice. The nails will not only be stronger, but will have a beautiful and healthy glow.

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