The Purity of the Intestines Depends Immunity

14111616For the body is not exposed to colds and infections, constantly keep your intestines in its purest form, as it is in it concentrates the largest number of harmful substances that can weaken the immune system.

The best cleaner intestine is kale and flax seed. Cabbage is good in any way, but the special value is sour, because, in it, in addition to nutrients contains lactic acid, which prevents putrefaction bacteria.

In addition to the beneficial effects on the intestine, people who use sauerkraut, quickly get rid of headaches and insomnia.

Intestines to get rid of toxins will help vegetable salads dressed with olive oil and lemon juice. If you are for the week will use it as a salad for dinner, then after 7 days you will feel the lightness, well-being improved, resulting in a performance increase.

Also, do not forget about excessive drinking, thus, is strictly forbidden to consume sodas, but the yogurt, drunk before going to bed, will help improve the work of the stomach.

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