The role of alcohol in a healthy diet

So the organism is arranged that it would be desirable to always use all the most delicious, all the sweet.

It is sweet, as well as flavor enhancers that are developed by companies, helps to earn a billion fortune to their owners. At the same time, the health of every person who can not help himself, who can not refuse these delicious spices, constantly suffers has a number of complex diseases. To prevent further deterioration of human health, you need to fundamentally change your approach to your diet.

It is important to rethink that we do not live to buy all these spices, that we are people, not slaves of our stomach. Only in this way to correct rethinking of life and food, we will be able to get rid of a number of diseases.

The most common of these are diabetes and obesity. However, most of the articles that exist on the Internet, while writing an article on the correct diet, indicate little about what alcoholic beverages mean. Moreover, if today to collect a set of articles written by alcoholic beverages, that is, about their benefits and their harm, it will turn out that in a percentage, articles on alcoholic beverages, as well as health benefits, will be greater.

Naturally modern youth, if they seek information for themselves, for example, about beer, will see more articles about the fact that beer is not harmful and useful for a person. Given the current situation, the beer that is on the shelves of the store, it can not be of any use. Useful natural beer, that is cooked from rye or wheat without any carcinogens and food additives. In this case, it is useful in the event that you use no more than 150-200 grams in 48 hours. That is one glass of two times a day of natural beer.

Natural Wine

Today, you can also meet a lot of articles about the benefits of red wine. In fact, really red wine is good for a person, in particular, for his cardiovascular system. However, if you eat, 50-100 grams of wine at one time and no more. At the same time, it is important to know that you do not need to consume red wine more than three to four times a week. Also an important feature of red wine is that it should be dry and not sweet. Most likely, the wines that are sold in stores they are unnatural. In most cases they are made of powder. Naturally, such a wine can not benefit the body, it only has its harm.

In addition, dashes for which are sold in stores have a significant amount of sugar, which has a very negative impact on human health. And additional flavor enhancers, as well as concentrates and flavors make you drink this drink more and more.

If you exceed the norm of alcoholic beverages, for example, in natural beer or wine, alcohol will destroy the human brain. In addition, the tannins contained in these drinks will destroy the cardiovascular system and the liver. Therefore, judging the benefits of alcohol, it is necessary to take into account only natural raw materials and recommended norms.

If, at least slightly exceed these norms, then alcohol turns into a real killer of human health. So, if you want to buy natural wine, you should pay attention to the wine made in Spain, Italy, France and Georgia, as well as bottled there. In this case, they should not contain sugar and you should drink a small glass of wine no more than three to four times a week. Only in this manner can the use of wine be useful.

Alcohol for women

Special attention to the use of alcoholic beverages, should understand the fair sex. If they often use longers, beer, wine and so on, then every sip of any alcoholic drink leads to the fact that gradually a woman dies of eggs and is no longer recovering. Thus, she can lose her healthy child in the future if she decides to give birth to such a child.