The role of fruits and vegetables in the diet

Have you ever noticed, after the birth of a child, as soon as he begins to eat food by himself and completely refuses breastfeeding, that the first products of his food can be crushed potatoes or soft cereals.

But when the baby is 4 years old, especially when parents have extra body weight, that in his diet more and more such products as chips, cola or crackers. Moreover, a lot of modern parents simply do not understand what it can lead to further, since they themselves do not mind using all these products.

Here very often young parents do not force more precisely not accustom their children to eat vegetables or fruits. Today, every third child between the ages of 4 and 6 does not like grapes or an apple. And this is really a big problem. Spanish scientists have proven that if a person is more accurate at school-age every day will eat as a staple food hamburger, after 10 years his level of intelligence is significantly reduced.

This we do not talk about his physiological states, as well as about excess body weight. The musculoskeletal system will be very much atrophied, and its internal organs flabby.

Needless to say, do not expect that such people, that is, the new generation will live a long and beautiful life. And quite the contrary, if modern parents began to teach their children, instead of buying chips or hot dogs for themselves, they would use a piece of chicken breast along with a salad. And the parents as a small brake gave them a banana or an apple.

Fructose helps to get a good mood

fruits are important for people, not only is the point of view that they are very useful for people, but also have a lot of vitamins, including vitamin C. But also the point of view that fruits contain a large amount of fructose. In particular, if you eat one or two bananas and an apple every day in the morning, a person will receive the necessary complex of vitamins b, vitamin C, as well as most, and, that is, a sweet part of the substance, should not be confused with sugar, which contributes more improved mood.

At the same time, the vitamin complex, which is contained in them, encourages the child to think creatively, was calm and balanced.

At the same time, a significant amount of fiber allows the child to be always active throughout the day. And, if you eat this way daily, children can reduce their threshold of nervous breakdowns to 40%.

Vegetables and antioxidants

Do not forget about vegetables. From the point of view of the majority of modern people, especially those who like to eat deliciously, vegetables are not the kind of food that must be constantly consumed. And this is a very big delusion of any person who thinks so. The fact is that we often create conditions around us in which toxins accumulate in the body.

Various kinds of diseases, stresses, antibiotics, fatty foods and much more contribute to the accumulation of these substances in the body, that is, toxins. The presence of a large number of toxins leads to the fact that more and more free radicals appear in the body.

The combination of these substances very often leads to oncological diseases or excess weight, as well as to big problems with human health. It is vegetables that are the source of a large number and number of antioxidants, with a significant portion of the fiber, sometimes exceeding than in fruits, and there are also several. In fact, a vegetable is a food product that allows a person to have improved health or cleanse the body of all kinds of muck.

Well, there is also to understand and distinguish between vegetables and fruits, namely the diet of their use. The fact is that fruits have a significant portion of fructose and fast carbohydrates. Accordingly, if you use them in the afternoon, for example, after 18:00 pm, these carbohydrates will not be consumed as energy, but will accumulate in the body in the form of excess body weight. Therefore, fruits should be eaten in the morning, preferably after breakfast. As for vegetables, they can be consumed throughout the day with any food.