The Secret of Beautiful Hair in 50 Years

211120166Today we will have a final article on the subject of hair care, depending on age. So, how to care for hair in 50 years? After all, regardless of age, she always wants to be beautiful and attractive.

1. Moisturize. It is very important in adulthood thoroughly moisturize the hair. It is not enough to use a shampoo or conditioner. Regularly make a mask for hair with moisturizing effect. They can cook yourself or buy a ready in the store. The choice is yours!
2. Fruits and orange vegetables. During this period, there is an active hormonal changes the body. To make it easier to get through this difficult period, it is necessary to eat more fruits and vegetables (orange). Such products will provide the necessary protection and moisturizing hair.
3. Hormones. At the age of 50 years, reduced thyroid activity, and this may affect the condition of hair. Many women notice hair loss and brittle. To avoid this, it is necessary to control the level of hormones in the body.

Healthy hair – it’s real. The main thing is make sure your health!

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