The Secret of Good Vision

Now more and more people wear glasses or lenses to this problem is to blame the man himself, because he does not give his eyes the slightest relaxation. Lots of time on the computer or TV, and at least on the outside.

But the topic of conversation today will be different. Let’s find out how you can maintain good vision, no matter what!

1. Gymnastics. Every night before going to sleep you need to perform exercises for the eyes. This will help to strengthen the muscles. Now on the Internet you can find a variety of exercises for the eyes. But it is more common – circular exercises.
2. Reading. In order to preserve vision, it is necessary to sit while reading. It is best to sit at the table, and the book must be at a distance of 15-20 centimeters from the eye. In no case can not read lying down.
3. Vitamins. Eat more foods that are good for the eyes. It – carrots, pumpkin, spinach.
4. Sport. Best Eye training – it is table tennis. Sign up for a section. You will not regret.

As you see, to keep your vision, you need to give up on the day and night watching TV and go out for a walk.

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