The Secret of Long Hair

Every woman knows that men are attracted to long hair. This is what makes a woman sexier. The men in this regard their fantasies. Let them remain in their head, and to us – to be the owner of a long and healthy hair.

So, how to grow long hair?

1. Power. If a woman eats properly, it would be difficult to grow long hair. Make your meals more diverse: yogurt, fish meat, fruit. This is what you need to eat every day.
2. External factors. Factors such as the sun, frost – have a detrimental effect on the hair. Try just to protect your hair in summer and winter (hat, scarf).
3. Masks. It is not necessary to apply to the beauty salon to perform some hair beauty treatments. The mask can always make those products that are refrigerated. The effect of them will not be worse than the expensive equipment. Most often used as ingredients: yogurt, egg, black bread.

Lovely woman, long hair – it’s really beautiful and attractive. Do not abandon them in favor of short hairstyles.

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