The secret of longevity from Tibetan monks

Everyone knows that monks who live on the heights of Tibet are famous for their longevity, as well as excellent health and the preservation of clarity of mind and efficiency until the very last days of life.

Rarely, who lives less than a hundred years, because this line is the perfect norm for Tibetan monks.

Therefore, many people go to this area to get as close as possible to arrange the lives of such people and try to learn from them how to live a long and happy life while not complaining about health at all. It turns out that those people who live in cities are almost inaccessible to such opportunities as monks on the slopes of Tibet, and the fact is that it is the way of life of these people that makes them feel fine for many years. Of course, it is worth noting that hard work and meditation, saving from stress and nervous disorders, are the basis of their abstention.

How do monks live in Tibet?

The main condition for the existence of monks, is the remoteness from other settlements. During the day, men are engaged in livestock farming and growing food in the fields. Their main advantage in a healthy lifestyle is vegetarianism. But such products as milk, cheese and butter they use daily for better work of the brain and the whole organism. When all the hard work of caring for livestock and picking up vegetable crops is completed by lunchtime, the monks still have plenty of time to meditate.

It is in these moments that men receive higher spiritual enlightenment, which helps them cope with their needs not included in the rules of life of monks. After all, their estrangement from everything worldly sometimes raises questions of ordinary inhabitants of our Earth. But excluding from their lives emotions and stressful conditions, monks are able to soberly look at any situation and at the same time it is almost always adequate and rational to think. Tibetan monks have such an unwritten law that passes from the teacher to their students, that every day must be lived with some benefit. And thanks to this attitude, monks do not have time for boredom, laziness and idleness.

Five rules of longevity monks

1) For ever give up coffee and you will feel how much easier it is for you to breathe and live.
2) Forget that you can consume meat with carbohydrates. After all, if you have such a habit, then your body can never be cleared sufficiently to get peace. The protein is much longer split in the body than the carbohydrates and they interfere with each other properly digested and benefit the body.
3) It is necessary to thoroughly chew food to get a homogeneous mass and thus much faster saturate your body. After the longer you go, the less you can eat in the end. And this is very good for human health.
4) One should try to drink one raw egg a day. The only condition is that it is necessary to do this separately from any other food.
5) Try as little as possible at one meal to use varieties of products. After all, the combination of different foods does not always lead to positive results for the human body.

Some of the advice of Tibetan monks may seem too harsh and modern to people completely unacceptable, but you just have to start trying to live as monks, as you will immediately understand that they for many centuries could still find the truth of life, consisting in the right approach to the conduct of being.

Of course, no one says that you need to give up all your usual affairs and go straight to monastic life, just if you want to remain healthy for many years, try to pay attention to at least the main directions in their life. And after a while, when you can calmly react to innovations in your life, an understanding of all the wisdom of Tibetan monks will begin to come, if at the same time you add even a few meditations that are best able to put everything in its place.