The secret of longevity is open!

Scientists were able to convincingly state that their long-term work related to the establishment and discovery of secrets of longevity is finally over and they can proudly tell about the results of the study.

It turns out that in order to determine from what the life expectancy really depends, it took a man more than seventy years to conduct his observations.

In the end, a conclusion was drawn that scientists have found several main sustainable directions that can have a significant impact on human life and its duration.

But before you get acquainted with these characteristics, it is necessary to understand that the people who participated in the study, and at least fifteen thousand of them, had to go through medical examinations on a regular basis throughout their life, without giving a report to anyone for his way of life. Everyone was free to do what he likes and wants in life, but do not forget that you need to take tests on time.

How, after all, to prolong life?

Everyone wants to know what to do in order to live to a very old age and at the same time never know about illnesses, and always remain in good spirits. So, according to the results of the research, it became clear that those people who throughout life or most of them were engaged in a healthy lifestyle and at the same time were always active, could live to ninety years and more. It is in this group of long-livers that you can enroll all those who did not have bad habits and never took a great interest in adrenaline exercises. After all, to say that during the course of life a person could control his nervous disorders every day is simply pointless. Of course, those who have always tried to be balanced and do not pay attention to various trifles so as not to get upset.

All that is associated with the postulates of a healthy lifestyle, certainly helps a person as long as possible to feel the strength and health, while remaining young enough, having a beautiful appearance.

Therefore, proper nutrition, a healthy sleep, moderate physical activity and a good mood, help a person find the strength for wonderful health every day. After a person tries to get used to or introduce into his life these four basic rules, his health is strengthened, and the body begins to rejuvenate. But if you follow these rules throughout your life, then the body does not have to rebuild to a new mode of life and spend a lot of energy for this.

Why is longevity not given to everyone?

At the very beginning of his life, the child, unfortunately, is not able to choose which path of development to follow, for which his parents are responsible. And, therefore, if from the very childhood to accustom the child to proper nutrition, active walks in the open air, to doing sports, and also that everything in life should be taken with a smile, he will be able to carry this knowledge and skills through his whole life. Only with the correct submission of parents, the child will be able to live a long and happy life, despite its unexpected turns. And if the parents themselves do not know how to lead a healthy life and at the same time are engaged in harmful habits in the eyes of the child, then most likely, he will also grow up with the same understanding of life as his parents, simply not even knowing what can be somehow different.

In some families, where from generation to generation the idea of ​​always keeping track of one’s health is maintained, the track of long-livers is clearly traced. After all, if a person forces himself to work all his life to strengthen his health, and always follows his quality, he can hope that he will be able to break records of his family and live longer than all his ancestors. It turns out that scientists during the study also divided into several groups and only those who always strictly observed the rules of a healthy lifestyle were able to see with their own eyes the end of this project and congratulate all those who lived to its completion.

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