The secret of longevity is stored in goodies!

A lot of people who noticed that the main secret of their longevity is kept in the opportunity to use various goodies at any convenient time.

The fact that the sweet helps the body to produce a hormone of happiness, which significantly prolongs life. Thus, scientists had to more specifically approach the question of what else equally with the sweet can be used as a source of longevity? It turns out that everything that brings positive emotions and soul satisfaction to a person can be considered exactly that secret ingredient to every life process that a priori prolongs life.

But not everyone can fully understand what exactly delivers real pleasure, which means it’s worth to dig a little in yourself. So, you can imagine several options for true enjoyment for each person.

Ways to prolong life, while enjoying it

1) The case in chocolate. Some scientists have seriously stated that chocolate and other sweets help the body produce the hormone of happiness endorphin. Thanks to this hormone, all the processes in the body begin to rejuvenate and feel just fine. You need to try to be as involved as possible in order to make the most of the advice of specialists about how quickly you can feel a rush of joy in yourself. Believe that only positive thinking and positive emotions can make our life more diverse and bright, and also significantly increase the number of lived years.
2) Stress is useful. In some cases, a person who has independently got rid of stress and was able to find the strength to overcome negative thinking becomes much stronger psychologically, and from this also a long-liver. It all depends on how deeply the stress in the human soul could penetrate and traumatize the psyche. But in any case, those who overcome these feelings will feel more confident, and therefore live longer in this world.
3) Physical stress. After a good workout, the hormone of happiness is released in the brain, as well as after the chocolate. This leads to the fact that there is nothing more important for a person than sports exercises that help not only to keep your body and health in great shape, but also to prolong your life. For those who do not like sports and consider it absolutely superfluous in their lives, it is worth noting that only physically strong and hardy people are able to withstand the senile changes in the body, and thus extend life to their internal organs and brain.
4) Straighten the brain more often. After mental tasks, when a person has to make efforts, there comes a process of satisfaction, which also in an excellent way, helps to cope with old age. Therefore, it is important in the course of life to solve crossword puzzles more frequently, to learn poems for memory and even to read upside down. The main thing is that your brain gets a non-standard task and tries to solve it longer.

And finally, a little wool

Everyone who wants to live a long time must have a pet. Only thanks to fluffy animals, a man prolongs his life from five to seven years. This was clarified by the results of a study by Italian scientists who assure that pets best remove stress, and also long before the onset of pain, they feel human diseases. Therefore, if you pay attention to the tips of your pets, you can come to a conclusion about what you need to pay close attention to in your body.

Thus, if there is a cat or dog in the house, the risk of a heart attack will be reduced several times, and a stroke or a heart attack, the animals feel for a few days. This time will be enough to help your body and avoid the development of a possible disease. So if you want to live a long time and know exactly your illnesses, you just have to trust some animal that will surely turn out to be the most faithful being in your life.