The secret of Swiss longevity

In a country that is considered one of the richest in the world, many long-livers are simply obliged to live.

After all, it is here that all conditions are created for a person to enjoy his life and feel how wonderful it is to wake up every day. The secret of the long-livers of Switzerland is precisely this, in order to radiate joy and try to live as if you are in a fairy tale every day. To do this, you just need to love yourself and the world around you.

Just paint your house in different colors, try to do everything to make the world brighter and you will feel that your mood will begin to change.

But in addition, that the joy in the soul should live constantly, you should not forget about some of the rules that are necessary for longevity.

It is very important to understand that it is only through your diligence that you can get a truly correct assessment of your existence and try to improve it in every possible way. Therefore, one should listen to the advice of those who managed to step over a hundred-year boundary and at the same time feel just fine.

Tips of centenarians of Switzerland

1) In the morning you must have a cold shower! It helps to strengthen blood vessels, and also improves blood circulation.
2) It is best to work in the fresh air! Fresh air can maximally improve your condition, and help you feel better in a few minutes.
3) Oatmeal for breakfast should be every day! Just because oatmeal is the best breakfast, you can say that your health will only get stronger and stronger.
4) The apple is a must for snacks! This unique fruit can become a significant enhancer of your immunity, which requires replenishment of vitamins and beneficial microelements.
5) Get rid of stress! Calm and only calm, Swiss long-liverers recommend to all those who want to break all records with them by the number of years they lived. After all, if you say that stress eats away a person from within, then you need to get rid of it as soon as possible.
6) Do not be lazy and move more! The more a person moves, the longer he will live. After all, it is the movement that helps us all feel how strong our body is, and also all its capabilities.
7) Read more! Reading books improves memory, and also provokes the brain to work constantly. Therefore, the more you read, the more knowledgeable and smart you become. It is reading that will help you cope with those insidious feelings that arise in old age, like boredom and devastation of the soul. After all, thanks to the fascinating books, you can always count on the fact that you will have the most wonderful world at hand, which you can transfer at any moment.
8) Find your favorite thing! You can not find your hobby in life not everyone, but if you are passionately doing something, then you will not have time to think about your own old age.
9) Always be kind and sympathetic! Only kindness can make a person happy. It is because you are kind to everyone around you that you feel much better. And this already says that you should not be angry with someone and generally have anger in yourself. After all, with each person you can find a compromise, even if it will consist in complete absence of contacts.
10) Do not forget to rest! It is very important to balance the dream with rest and work so that the body can always feel in perfect condition and give all its strength to the cause that you love to do.

A few words about nutrition

Healthy eating is an integral part of all long-livers.

After all, each of them understands that there is nothing more solid for health than food. It is on it that most of human life is based.

Food should always be fresh, quality and well cooked. Only in this order can you get a dish that can saturate the body with all the necessary trace elements, and also do everything to prolong the person’s life for many long and happy years, which he will only spend for the benefit of himself and his ideas.

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