The Secrets of a Beautiful Smile

221120166Who among us does not dream of a Hollywood smile? Probably, such a person is not there. The white and healthy teeth – the dream of every man. But enough dreaming, to act. The earlier, the better. About dental health care you need from a young age.

How to become the owner of a snow-white smile?

1. Brushing teeth. Brushing teeth should be a circular motion, massaging not only teeth but also gums. The procedure itself should last at least 5 minutes.
2. Elixir. Do not think that dental rinse replace their full cleaning. Teeth need to gently cleanse from all sides.
3. Toothbrush. Correctly pick up the brush can only dentist.
4. Smoking. If you smoke, it is best not to brush your teeth toothpaste and tooth powder.
5. Dentist. Regular and timely visit to the doctor will allow to notice in the early stages of the problem.
6. Pasta with whitening effect. If you use regularly such kind of paste, then it is wrong (worsening and exhausted tooth enamel). Pasta to use as possible, but no more than twice a week.

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