The Secrets of a Long Life

People always worried about the number of their lived years. Each of us would like to live as long as possible. Here, and there is quite a fair question – how can this be done? What should be done for this?

1. Sleep. It is necessary to go to bed on time. This means that at 22.00 you need to lie in a warm bed. Full sleep is important for each of us.
2. Problem solving. Throughout his life, it is necessary to solve problems. It can be physics, mathematics. The brain must be loaded, so that in old age there was no dementia.
3. Friendship. It’s best to be friends with happy people. And with those who know how to achieve their goals. This is the only way to move forward and achieve even more.
4. Vegetables. Every day you need to eat 100 grams of fresh vegetables and fruits. Choose always products by season. Remember, during the heat treatment, most of the nutrients are destroyed.

As you can see, in fact it is not so difficult to extend your life. Each of us can fulfill these simple requirements.

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