The Secrets of Harmony Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is a very beautiful woman. Not so long ago she became a mother, but her forms are simply excellent. How does she manage to keep herself in top form? Her figure causes envy in many women.

The actress is sure that in the gym you need to practice up to the seventh sweat. If there is a free minute, you should always go train. Celebrity prefers to deal with cardio-loads and stretching. Previously Johansson was engaged in yoga. But very soon I realized that it was completely inappropriate for her. There is nothing better than training all muscle groups.

If we talk about nutrition, then it should be balanced. It is also very important not to overeat. Overeating badly affects not only the appearance, but the well-being of a person. In the diet should be more than fresh vegetables and fruits.

The star notes that every woman should develop her own individual schedule of training and nutrition. So it will be best. In addition, all organisms have their own characteristics. An individual approach is what you need.

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