The Secrets of Longevity

171120161Everyone wants to live at least 100 years. However, this is not so often seen centenarians. The life expectancy of men and women is much shorter. But all this is due to the fact that people sometimes he gets himself irreparable harm.

So what should you do to live long?

1. Quitting smoking. We must once and for all give up smoking. Even better, and do not start smoking. No need to believe that smoking – it is fashionable. You always have to think about your health, not to imitate the new trends. But it is still said that the number of smokers every year is growing inexorably.
2. Weight. You always have to watch my weight. If there is extra weight, you need to get rid of them. There should be a surplus weight and its drawbacks.
3. Medications. More and more people with the least health problems begin to drink tablets. Yes, drugs need to drink, but not recklessly.
4. Lack of sleep and stress. If a person regularly enough sleep, it is fraught with serious health problems (stress, depression).
5. TV. The habit of watching TV before going to bed is not only harmful, but also dangerous for your health.

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