The Secrets of Youth and Beauty

Every woman keeps track of their appearance. Nobody wants to look like in 30 years to 50. But now this is not so simple, because there are many temptations.

So how can you look younger than their years?

1. Sleep. Going to bed should be at one and the same time. Mode is very important for the body. Going to bed should be no later than 23.00.
2. Nutrition. Pay due attention to their nutrition. We need to abandon the harmful food (smoked, salted, pickled dishes, mayonnaise, sweets, ketchup). As for the cooking, it is best to boil or bake. Remove from food maximum benefit.
3. Sport. No sport is difficult to stay longer beautiful. Training support the body in good shape. It is equally important that the good mood will be your faithful companion.
4. Walking. Try to walk more. Fresh air is good for the skin.
5. Singing. More Sing to always be in a good mood.
6. Pet. Get a pet. Animals always give a lot of positive emotions.

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