The Use of Bad Habits

231120164Everyone is well aware that there are bad and good habits for human health. Each of us is trying to give up all bad habits to become healthier.

However, there is the case all really? There are bad habits that may be useful for the organism.

1. Fatty foods. We must remember that fatty foods has a positive effect on the teeth. Therefore it is not excluded from the diet of olive oil and nuts. In addition, fat is needed to better sucked fatty vitamins (vitamin A and E). Do not forget that fat has a positive impact on the timely bowel movements.
2. Bread. During the diet a person refuses the bread. It is said that of wholemeal bread does not need to give up, because it contains a minimum of calories, but high in fiber. The black bread rich in vitamin B group, which improves brain function.
3. Pizza. The structure includes pizza tomato paste. And it contains a substance which provides prevention of cancer.

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