The use of hardening for each person

For sure, it is useful to temper, for sure, everyone heard, but at the same time, almost no one knows how to do it right and where to start.

After all, hardening is a combination of measures that are aimed at developing in the body a sustainable resistance to unfavorable environmental factors.

Thus, if from the childhood to accustom the child to hardening, it will help him to develop one of the most powerful immunities that will help him in the future never to get sick, and also not to react to sudden temperature changes outside the window. Thanks to hardening, many people live to a very old age and will never know what a runny nose or cough is. Therefore, it is very important to approach the issues of hardening, at least in order to stay healthy as long as possible.

Types of hardening and their characteristics

1) Air quenching or aerotherapy. With this type of hardening it is worth noting that it is the most affordable, and also the most beneficial for the human body. After all, all you need to do is just stay outdoors as long as possible. Long walks in parks, squares, near water bodies and just along the streets, remarkably temper the body and make it more resistant to some temperature changes in nature. Thus, as soon as you learn to walk for at least two hours outdoors in any weather, this can be an excellent example for all around you, as with aerotherapy, you can earn excellent immunity.
2) Tempering by the sun and its heat or heliotherapy. Human. who chooses for himself this kind of hardening must certainly comply with all safety rules for solar radiation, because you can not tolerate overheating, burns and too long exposure to the sun. It can harm the body. But if you confidently observe all the rules, then you can count on the fact that your nervous system will become much more stable, blood circulation improves, all metabolic processes in the body will accelerate. Therefore, with proper sunbathing as a hardening, a person strengthens his immunity and improves his health.
3) Walking barefoot. A lot of information exists that due to walking barefoot, a person begins to feel just fine, and some diseases are prevented. Thus, as soon as you begin to understand that walking barefoot becomes an integral part of your life, everything falls into place and you get used to the fact that your feet feel under themselves not only a soft fabric of shoes, but also rough, as well as stony surface.
4) Water quenching or aqua therapy. With this type of hardening, blood circulation can be improved several times to get into the smallest blood vessels and could improve the performance of each internal organ.

Why should the tempering begin gradually?

Quite often, it is due to the fact that a person is healthy and does not feel any unpleasant sensations from his state of health, at this time it is worth starting the procedure of hardening. After all, after your body has undergone the hardening procedure for the first few times, you will certainly have to follow your health so as not to disturb its ideal condition.

Therefore, you need to be tempered very carefully and never rush to move to new levels, until you begin to feel perfectly normal with each new approach to the already familiar procedures.

So the more you want to feel new sensations, the longer it is to delay this moment, because the body is not yet fully accustomed to stressful sensations for it. And the less you try to expose it to such tests, the more often you will feel that your health is only getting stronger. The procedures of hardening must always pass gradually accustoming the body to new tests. After all, only this way you will be able to achieve incredible results from hardening, which will amaze you with their positive effects of influence on the body.