The Use of Rowan

Probably a lot of people, autumn, paying attention to orange berries that hang on the tree ?! It seems everyone on the street was gray and dull, but these berries continue to please the human eye.

Already many have guessed that today we will discuss about the mountain ash. Let’s learn about all its beneficial properties rowan!

1. Vitamins. The berries contain a lot of vitamins. We can say that this berry is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins A, B, C and E – and it still is not the whole list of them.
2. Juice. The juice of the berries of mountain ash are used in cough, because it is excellent expectorant. In addition, the juice tastes good.
3. Beauty. Often the berries used as a cosmetic (prevention of dandruff, vitamin mask for the face and body).
4. Hypertensive heart disease. With increased pressure rowan juice also has a positive effect.
5. Gastritis. In diseases of the stomach for the treatment and use of mountain ash berries.

Another long it is believed that a sprig of mountain ash in the home brings peace and happiness to the family! Good luck and peace to your home!

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