The use or harm of salt?

The fact that salt inflicts enormous harm to our body is hard to deny.

After all, scientists have for many years been able to convince humanity that it is necessary to try to do so that at least a little to reduce the amount of salt used to give your body the opportunity to work at its fullest, rather than spend it on the constant removal of salt from the body that is in fact, this process is very poorly suited. Thus, many people, because of such negative propaganda against salt, began to revise their diets and try to exclude too salty dishes, and not to add additional to what already has at least a little salt in its composition.

But, despite this, some scientists still managed to find positive qualities in salt, which in this case will bring substantial satisfaction from its use.

What can attract salt?

First, what scientists pay attention to is the possibility of salt prolonging life. Based on some studies, when the data of those who sat on salt-free diets, as well as those who consumed salt in standard mode were taken into account, the amount of death was much higher where salt was not used. This indicates the need for salt for our body, although adherence to the framework will only increase the possibility of its benefits.
Secondly, salt helps to control the level of sugar in the blood. Scientists were able to come to the conclusion that salt can increase sensitivity to insulin and thereby normalize the level of sugar.
Thirdly, it helps with allergies. Due to the fact that salt is a natural antihistamine, it is able to cope with an attack of an allergic reaction and in some cases even with asthma, if you add its pinch to the tongue.
Fourth, it helps digestion. With the help of salt, the body produces the right pH level, which controls the release of stomach acid and helps our digestion.
Fifth, reduces the outbreak of adrenaline. Uncontrolled reactions of the body in the form of manifestations of adrenaline can harm health, therefore, it is worth very attentive to such an indicator as causeless rage or fear.
Sixth, improves metabolism. It turns out that with moderate consumption of salt, you can sensibly influence metabolism and thereby help your body to always control a healthy weight.
Seventh, balances the level of hormones. This fact has not yet been fully proved by scientists, but it has already earned a place in the list of useful properties of salt.

How to treat salt now?

Many nutritional experts, as well as scientists who devote much of their time to studying specifically the question of the benefits and harm of salt, are sure that if every day a person starts consuming salt in excessive amounts, it will never be of use, even in spite of all of it positive sides. And only in the case, extremely rare and at the same time minimal use of salt in their dishes, you can achieve truly incredible results in health. After all, almost every fruit and vegetable contains some salt and if you use them, then this will be enough for the organism. But from table salt, which we very often mean, as the only substance under this name, it is best to refuse.

Although a small amount in the amount of one pinch per day, can not harm your health and make it more disadvantaged before the impact of the environment and time, which is too inexorable for the human body.

Most people who just adore salt do not imagine a single dish without this ingredient, are sure that nothing will happen to them, although by the age of thirty they are already starting to see badly. So, if you want to always be a healthy person, you just need to always eat in moderation and everything will be fine. It is very important to give preference to natural, natural salt, which sometimes brings a lot of benefits. And if you are too hard to immediately abandon salty foods, then you need to start at least with a reduction in the dose per day, which will already lead to positive changes in the body.

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