The Useful Drunk daily glass of Honey Water

1311161Honey is a product that does not contain harmful substances, because the bees by storing their food for the winter, will never take nectar from the plants that have undergone chemical treatment.

The healing properties of this product have been known for many centuries, as in ancient times, when there were no medications, people go specifically to the forest, where the honey taken from wild bees.

This product is used to treat many diseases, mainly during the catarrhal diseases as it relieves inflammation and immunity. According to scientists, it has special healing properties honey water, since this drink is able to facilitate the work of the stomach and remove bloating.

A glass of clean water with the addition of honey reduces cholesterol in the blood and improves blood circulation, which is very useful for people with heart disease and high blood pressure.

For those who want to be slim and beautiful mead must be present at their desk every day, because it helps to eliminate harmful accumulations from the body.

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