The Value of Iron for the Body of Women

The research group of Swiss scientists found supplements containing iron, a positive effect on the physiology of women in crisis days.

The low amount of iron provokes anemia, projecting the cause of loss of strength, weakness and seizures occur suddenly fainting. In no less and overestimated the value of iron in the body is a threat to health.

To conduct the study were selected 200 women. The examination of all the observed patients observed a general lack of energy in the absence of disease. During the experiment, half of the total number of women received a daily 80 milligrams of iron in the tablet form, the second half of the women received tablets – pacifiers. The degree of fatigue was recorded by a special technique with the beginning of the experiment and after 12 weeks.

Observations on the state of women who participated in the research show – insufficient content of iron in the body causes excruciating pain, but the use of additives effectively eliminates its manifestations – malaise and excessive fatigue.

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