The Worst Way to Lose Weight

At present, all over the world a huge number of people are faced with the problem of excess weight. This is not a harmless problem, as it may seem at first glance. Because overweight people have a serious illness.

To prevent all diseases, you need to lose weight. Now there is a lot of information about what methods best helps to cope with this problem. But as soon as I want to highlight the most unfortunate. No need to make people lose time in vain.

1. Fasting. To refuse certain foods you need (bread, cakes), but do not need to starve. The body interprets it as stress and weight gain will be even faster.
2. Tablets. The pharmacy sold a huge number of diet pills. Just do not trust them, because their effect is only temporary. In addition, they act adversely on human health.
3. Colon Cleansing. No need to clean the intestines before they go on a diet. It will not bring any result.
4. Smoking. Give up this habit, which slowly kills the person.

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