Thin Lips

061220169Nowadays more and more popular among men enjoy a woman with full lips. They can be called – Barbie dolls. they stand out from the crowd. They can be seen with the naked eye: long hair (white or black), huge breasts and plump lips.

But what if by nature you have thin lips. Believe me, you can fix it. In addition, a great many ways.

1. Botox. Now we can turn to a plastic surgeon, and it will increase your lips. Yes, it will be expensive. Many women are simply afraid to go for it. Do not worry, there are several methods, but more gentle.
2. Cosmetics. To visually enlarge the volume of the lips, you need to know ka properly apply makeup. Thus, the central part of the upper lip should be cut around the lip pencil pink. Shade must be chosen so that it matches your lip color. After that, you need to take a brown eyebrow pencil and apply it shadow. It needs to be put under the lower lip, in the center. After that you need to cover a lip gloss lips. Voila!

As you can see, in order to become more beautiful, it is not necessarily go to the doctor.

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