Things from the summer collection that are relevant until spring

The summer of 2018 became known to all lovers of fashionable novelties with such wonderful outfits, which left no one indifferent.

Even those who are not used to spending a lot of money on clothes from time to time looked to the side of shop windows in which the novelties of the summer collection were flaunted.

And to the great pleasure and joy of all those who are ready to pay big sums for new acquisitions, all the novelties of the summer season of 2018 will remain relevant both in the autumn and in the winter. This is a real gift for those who love and can beautifully dress while not forgetting to follow all the newfangled trends. Therefore, in order not to be in a closed space and not to argue that there is nothing to dress in the fall, because everything has already been shown in the summer, you can safely repeat your images or combine things that were not previously worn together.

List of popular things

1) Denim skirt is a trapezoid. This is exactly the thing that can easily be found in the wardrobe of our moms and worn for every convenient occasion. The denim skirt of the trapezoid shape can be worn with both high heels and with sneakers, and can also be combined with a white blouse or a simple sports t-shirt. It all depends on the event for which you are going to curl in this skirt, as well as the feelings of your own style.
2) Striped sweatshot. It turns out that it is not necessary to choose specifically for this swiss shit, what to put on your feet. After all, he is great for jeans, classic trousers, and also for narrow pipes. It is likely that you can throw a leather jacket or a sweatshirt on top of a T-shirt. The main thing is to trust your choice and never doubt that it is the most correct one.
3) Pants with high waist. These trousers were already fashionable a few decades ago, but now they have acquired a narrower bottom and can safely boast of being an ideal solution for business meetings, as well as less formal communication.
4) Red silk dress. The light and flowing texture of the dress, allows you to make sure that your image is always excellent and as close to seeing you among all the other women in the first few seconds.
5) Skirt-shorts. Such a decision will allow them to be put on the office, where business style is mandatory, but at the same time they will satisfy the desire to wear short things. In order to look a little feminine and fashionable was invented a special form of these shorts, which guarantees a classic silhouette for a female figure.
6) Denim jacket. This element of the wardrobe, must certainly become an excellent part of the image that is aimed at youth, comfort and style combined with long journeys and other trips around the country. It’s hard to imagine what could be more comfortable for a denim jacket, which for more than a decade, has proven itself as the most comfortable and profitable clothing for any age.
7) Long flowing skirt. Of course, to say that every day you can wear a long skirt, it means depriving women of comfortable movement through the urban jungle. But if you combine it with the original blouse and go on a date, then the evening guarantees to be unforgettable.

How to learn to combine incongruous?

Over the past few years, fashionable views on the combination of clothing completely turned the notion of what can be combined and what not. For example, many girls can easily go out into the street wearing sneakers and a sumptuous evening gown. They will not be confused by the difference in the style of these things and their purpose.

Also do not forget that tapered sports pants, along with a high heel, are the last trend for several seasons in a row. But if your classic views on the world of fashion do not allow you to put things on different styles together, then you just need to start experimenting with less visually discernable differences. For example, let yourself put on a sun-skirt and light tennis shoes. It is possible that such a combination will not be too different from your ideas about fashion and beauty.