Things that you should not do while taking care of yourself

Each girl, in order to become beautiful, uses a variety of methods that can help her to look much prettier and well-groomed.

After all, in order to tidy your skin and give her an incredible amount of beautiful and bright days, you need to choose the right means and methods of caring for yourself, designed to increase the beauty and health in the body of each girl.

Thus, to prolong youth for many years to come, it is necessary to carefully and responsibly approach the question of how it is possible to make your beauty more attractive.

So, here’s a list of what we do wrong during life, when we try to look after ourselves.

What are we doing wrong in caring for ourselves?

1) It’s rare for my make-up brush. To get a quality set of makeup brushes does not mean that you should never take care of them. Of course, they are better than others with your skin, but they need care at least the rest. Therefore, it is important simply to wash them once or twice a week with soap or shampoo to cleanse the cosmetics and possible bacteria that develop in them.
2) Too often you change the brand of cosmetics. Do not believe that our body gets used to cosmetics and stops responding to its use in sufficient measure. In fact, the more often you change the cosmetic brands, the more likely will there be an allergy and acne. And if you found a cream that suits you best, you need to stay faithful to it forever.
3) You need to choose the right cream. It turns out that a foundation, which is recognized as the most common means for make-up, more than sixty percent of women do not choose correctly. When buying this product, you need to focus not only on the color that should be appropriate to the skin, but also on what type of skin it is intended for. After all, if you take a foundation for dry skin and apply it to fat, then after several applications, the body may react in the form of redness or rashes on the face.
4) Very often you touch your face with your hands. Never, you hear, never allow yourself to touch your face in the street with your hands! This rule should become an unwritten truth for those who want to have a beautiful healthy face skin. After dirty hands, this is the first reason for the appearance of acne on the face, which significantly worsen the appearance. Refuse the habit of propping the palm of your cheek and you will notice how your skin will become much cleaner.
5) Wet hair is forbidden to comb! Absolutely for any color and coloring, the rule that wet hair can not be combed, must act unchallenged. After all, the ends of the hair are cut just when you try to comb them wet. Forget about it and use a hairdryer before you pick up the comb.
6) Too often you use a facial scrub. Of course, to cleanse the face is important and necessary, for a daily procedure the scrub is not suitable, since it takes away all the dead and dead skin cells, and every day it is very dangerous to clean a certain, even the thinnest layer of skin and can lead to irritations.
7) You do not use a tonic for the face. It turns out that the most common mistake of modern women is the rejection of the tonic as a daily means of caring for their face. In fact, it restores the balance of the skin, moisturizes it and makes it less sensitive to external stimuli, gently calming down after a hard working day.

How to get rid of unnecessary habits?

It turns out that you need to be very careful about everything that you apply to your skin. After all, it depends not only on your beauty, but on your health in general. Improperly selected cosmetics can cause the woman to form an ideal soil for acne, inflammatory rashes and many other various skin problems. Therefore, always try to be more responsible to your health for what you use as cosmetics for every day or for big holidays.