This simple, but amazing fruit is an apple!

We live in the 21st Century, which is so much obsessed with the rightness of life, a healthy diet and a beautiful body to feel the attention of the opposite side.

Especially the slender body strongly wants to reach the young beauties of the female, because for them it is very important to have a slender figure and attractive appetizing forms, so that every guy compliments them. For this reason, many girls who surround us with beautiful sexual forms spend a lot of time in sports halls to achieve all this.

However, it’s worth noting that only one sport can not give everything that we see on glossy cover magazines, beautiful bodies in a bikini in the beach season, and all those mouth-watering forms of women in the gym when they try to reach the ideal. It is generally believed that sport is only a mere 20-30% that help build the beauty of the body. The rest plays the role of quality of food and what kind of food this person or girl uses. Among foods that help to effectively lose excess weight and get a great figure, there is a large amount of citrus. Also, to reduce the hypodermic fat, vegetables are also helping, because of their small caloric content.

But only it is worth remembering that fruit is better to use in the morning, because they have a lot of fructose, and it is sugar, that is, if it is eaten in the afternoon, then sugar can not reduce the excess weight of the body.

However, there is one remarkable fruit – an apple that has unique abilities. Regardless of the time of day, the apple can not give the person to digest fat and, certainly, does not allow to gain a lot of weight. The whole secret of the apple fruit lurking in its malic acid, from which apple cider vinegar is made, and also on the basis of an apple all juices are created, into which then different fillers and flavors are added to make this drink similar to other fruits.

Apple in Cooking

Of apples, there are many invented culinary products, both raw and baked. Very tasty apple pie. Also, the vinegar mentioned above is made from apples, and its harm is minimal for the organism, if used not on an empty stomach, but also in small amounts. For those who like to drink sweet, from apple-trees prepare and close for the winter compote, which is then stored in a dark and cool place, for example, in the basement. It is very tasty and useful to open a bottle of compote and drink a quality and healthy drink in the harsh winter days. Lovers of alcohol prepare spirits from apples.

And with the advent of the Apple holiday, many people like to bake apples and serve them to a table with honey.

The secret of the fruits of apples is that their vitamin and mineral composition is very strong to the thermal effects on it, which retain their useful qualities in huge quantities. In addition, on the basis of apples do various food additives, because the apple has valuable dietary fiber. Apple in raw form perfectly replenishes the body’s water supply, since it consists of 70-80% of water. In addition, the fiber of apple trees excellently affects the gastrointestinal tract, which improves intestinal perestatics, improved digestion and more easily helps to cope with fatty foods. And if you use a raw apple on an empty stomach, and it’s better to do it in cooked puree, that is, grate an apple on a small grater and stir honey in it – will help get rid of excess weight and replenish the body with calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamins for the whole day

Caution – swelling

However, in some people a large number of apples can cause bloating, which leads to discomfort. To fix this, it is enough to do two things: either bake apples or try to cut off the peel from them and use chopped slices. Also, do not eat more than 2-3 fruits a day, so as not to cause diarrhea. Thus, the apple does not pretend to be the most important product, but for the combination of useful substances, as well as their resistance to heat treatment – an apple is a very important fruit, which is mandatory for daily use.

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