This Terrible Insomnia

Now it is difficult to find someone who does not know what is insomnia. This is one of the worst human conditions that can be. On the one hand I want to sleep, and sleep is impossible. The reasons for this variety (late dinner, television, stress). In general, the reasons are many, but one outcome – insomnia.

So how can you cope with this state?

1. Stress. Try to avoid stressful situations. That stress and problems have a negative impact on a person’s sleep.
2. Dinner. You never need to eat before going to sleep tight. The last meal should be up to 6 hours of sleep. For 30 minutes before bedtime can drink a glass of kefir.
3. Warm bath. After a day you need to take a warm bath, and try to relax. Forget about all the problems. Learn to leave all the problems outside the home.
4. Tea. After you take a bath, brew a cup of mint tea. This drink is very pleasant to the taste will finally relax and calm down.

Remember that you need to deal with insomnia most stringent methods!

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