Thong – Pros and Cons

Thong – the most common underwear, used by women. It is worth noting that this kind of underpants men feel more sexy.

However, doctors are sounding the alarm. Thong not quite safe for women’s health, and girls can wear them every day. Certainly, no one says that they are not worn at all. They can be worn, but only sometimes. For example, a light skirt or pants.

So, what are dangerous thong?

This model is ideal for cowards reproduction of pathogenic micro-organisms. If the infection is, it will continue to spread much faster. This is due to the fact that the thin ribbon of cowards – is an excellent transport for microbes. More Thong greatly irritate the genitals. If sew underwear made of synthetic materials, the itching and burning may appear in the intimate area.

So, if you can not give up the strings, at least listen to the advice of gynecologists.

1. Alternate strings and classical melting.
2. Strings must be to sew cotton.
3. Always purchase thong that are suitable in size.
4. More often change daily linings (an average of one every two hours).

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