Tips of Beauticians

Every woman wants to be charming. For this lady attending a regular salon. They listen to all the advice beauticians. To master would not say, everything will be implicitly performed. This desire is understandable – everyone wants to be forever young.

What advice experts give the most?

1. Acne. With acne faced not one woman. But there is one tool that can help to deal with them in a short period of time. It cosmetics containing retinol.
2. Dark circles. The problem of dark circles under the eyes to help cope creams with caffeine.
3. Wrinkles. To wrinkle was less need to monitor their facial expressions. Most facial wrinkles – mimic.
4. The application of cosmetics. Makeup should be applied in the correct order. First you need to use more liquid, then a dense medium.
5. The use of anti-aging cream. If it’s time to use this cream, then safely proceed. The result did not take long (about one month).

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