Tips of Dietitian Nutrition Principles

Nowadays more and more people concerned about the topic of proper nutrition. I must say that it is correct. If we stick to the basic principles, the people will never have problems with excess weight and will feel healthier.

So what are the principles of healthy eating are there?

1. Fruits. Fruits should always be in plain view and the other food is better to hide away in the fridge.
2. List. Before you go to the store, you need to make a list. You should always strictly follow it. Do not fall for the stock in the store. You never need to buy for the future.
3. Snack. As for snacks, the best of them give up. If you make it difficult to choose only healthy foods (fruits, dried fruits) for this.
4. Serve. You do not need to eat a lot. It is much wiser to eat less but more often. To adhere to this rule, buy children’s dishes.
5. Breakfast Buffet. When on vacation will be offered a buffet, choose only healthy food.

Adhere to the principles of healthy eating! This will help improve your health!

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