Trace Elements for Weight Loss

281120166Who does not want women to be slim? Of course, such is not there. However, many women do not try to lose weight is not so simple. But do not despair. Now we learn how to lose weight without any problems.

Now scientists from Norway showed that the food you need to take certain minerals. They contribute to the rapid weight loss.

1. Chrome. This trace mineral is not only normalizes blood sugar levels, but also promotes weight loss. Chromium is found in: fish, broccoli, Perlovka, buckwheat.
2. Calcium. Calcium not only helps to strengthen bones, and better metabolism. Note, calcium is easily leached from the bones (this applies to coffee lovers). It contains nuts, greens, carrots, eggs, dairy products.
3. Magnesium. You can speed up the metabolism with magnesium. Eat More: beans, lentils and seeds seafood.
4. Iron. To hemoglobin was always normal, you need to eat more dried fruit, beans, liver, apples and pomegranates.
5. Potassium. Potassium is found in bananas and apricots. If you exercise, the amount of potassium intake should be increased.

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