Training of Memory

Many people complain that they have become bad to remember new information. This is due to the fact that people are tired of straining the brain. For example, instead of counting in the mind, we use the calculator. This occurs largely (telephone number, a list of the products). But then the people of this and suffering.

So how can you improve memory?

1. Training. The human brain constantly needs to be trained. To do this, you need to memorize poems and constantly learn new information. Now people read very little, but in vain.
2. Introduction. When meeting a new person try to remember as much information about it. Do it for yourself in the form of an exciting game in the form of associations.
3. Furnishings. Change the environment that surrounds you. To do this, you can change the route by which you get to work. So the brain to receive the new information to be treated.
4. Address. Who does not need to remember the address of residence or another phone number. To do this, there is a notebook. But it also plays a cruel joke because there is no need to strain your brain and think. From time to time, try to remember the addresses and telephone numbers of their own.

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