Treatment of Brittle Hair

Now fewer women can boast of beautiful hair. The reason for this – a very frequent hair coloring, perm. Using these procedures, it will be difficult to achieve beauty and health of hair. Hair becomes lifeless, brittle and begin to fall.

But be that as it was not necessary to always fight. So how can you deal with the hair brittle.

1. Rest. Give your hair a break for a while from all sorts of procedures. Once every three months just trim the ends.
2. Hot scissors. It is best to choose a hairstyle with hot scissors. This will give the hair a neat appearance.
3. Masks. For masks can choose burdock oil. Apply it as on the roots and on the tips of hair.

Lovely woman, as long as possible, try not to dye hair. This will be true to guarantee that the hair will be healthy and attractive longer. In addition, you never need to radically change their color. None of this is natural and not natural. We must realize that true beauty only nature provides.

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