Treatment of Cold

In winter and autumn, people often suffer from colds. I would like to say at once that we should not rush to drink the medicine. It is much wiser to resort to folk treatments. They are very simple and accessible.

1. Airing. If there is a person who is sick with cold, then you need to ventilate the room more often. Do not forget that in this case the risk of infection is increased by 30%. If it’s cold outside, you need to dress warmer. If a person is experiencing hypothermia, the virus is easier to gain a foothold.
2. Milk and Honey. There is no better way to treat colds than milk method. This drink helps calm cough and reduce pain in the throat.
3. Bath. In the bath, you can cope with a cold at a time. However, do not overdo it. Total should be in moderation.
4. Mulled wine. Hot wine with spices the best remedy for preventing and treating colds. Using alcohol can warm up from the inside and get rid of the feeling of chill.

To be healthy, you need regular walks in the fresh air and the balanced feed. These two rules are the key to a strong health.

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