Trends in Healthy Foods

Everyone knows that you need to eat right, because this is the key to health. But you need to understand with the issue in more detail. This is due to the fact that each person has their opinion on this issue.

So, what are the trends of healthy nutrition are commonplace?

1. Meat. You should always remember correctly – eat meat should be mandatory. Thus it is better to eat less, but better quality product. It has been proved that the chicken and beef contain a huge amount of antibiotics and hormones.
2. Vegetables. The diet should always be a lot of vegetables. They should be close to 50% of what is in the plate. At the same time, vegetable salad with olive oil needed to fill, rather than mayonnaise.
3. Fresh juice. Morning must begin with fresh juice. To do this, you need to buy a juicer, so every morning you can make tasty and healthy juice.
4. Bread. Bread should be every day. Just do not give preference to white and gray bread. It is not only useful, but also safer for the figures.

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