Ubiquitous Errors with Makeup Eyes

It’s easy to be beautiful today. A huge variety of cosmetics on the shelves of the store, the opportunity to master the rules of make-up on the appropriate courses or with the help of video lessons, watching the models that professional stylists have transformed and many other opportunities provide us with a service and teach the rules of good make-up.

But not in spite of this, there are popular mistakes that almost all of them admit. Not wanting to change the makeup technique is one of the unforgivable mistakes, because an unsuccessful eye makeup can easily spoil even the most stylish image. Beautiful eyes are more than just a part of the face. This is the most outstanding element, able to turn a head to representatives of the opposite sex, to fascinate and make them remember their owner. Conversely, the lack of an expressive look makes the appearance of a woman faceless and typical, depriving her of individuality. Therefore, the task of every woman will learn to create the right strokes that will emphasize the beauty of the eyes, and you can do this if you take the advice of specialists, take into account their remarks and eliminate the mistakes that are sure to be present.

We are not learning from mistakes, but on recommendations

1) Do not choose the color of the shadows is identical to the color of the eyes. This error is very common and has far-reaching roots. It used to be fashionable to apply shadows that match the color of the eyes. The times have changed, the error has remained. If you adhere to this stereotype, your eyes completely lose their expressiveness and will merge with a shade of shadows. The correct make-up is the creation of a contrast that will emphasize the eyes in a favorable perspective. If nature has endowed you with blue eyes, then you can use brown shadows or gray ones. Brown eyes require blue or purple shadows. And for green eyes, you can use golden or beige shades.
2) The more, the worse. Exactly, and not otherwise. But this is often forgotten by women, when it comes to applying cosmetics to the eyes, eyebrows or eyelashes. It is important to remember that the upper part of the face suffers only one accent. It is not necessary to allocate at once a dense layer of cosmetics eyelids, eyebrows and eyelashes. If you prefer a lush eye frame in the form of a dense eyelash fan, then minimize the number of shadows, eyeliner or pencil. Fat black eyeliner complete with shiny shadows and false eyelashes is a sign of cheapness and vulgarity. Therefore, moderation here is the best companion.
3) Correctly select the tone of concealer. Many women admit a blatant violation when creating their own image. Wanting to disguise the dark circles under the eyes, they choose the brightest means for smoothing the complexion. Excessively clarified area around the eyes will give out all existing defects, and unveils the inability to create makeup.
4) Twisting eyelashes only before applying mascara. If you act in the opposite sequence, the desired effect will not be achieved. In addition, if you use forceps after applying the mascara, the eyelashes will be covered with impartial lumps.

General rules

In order to make up the makeup exactly what you want it to be, you need to have in the collection of the necessary tool not only an applicator that comes complete with shadows. You also need brushes of different thickness and sponge, with which you can evenly distribute the layer of make-up and create the correct feathering. Also, before applying the basic make-up, the person needs preliminary preparation:

The first step is humidification. In order to nourish the skin with the necessary moisture and prevent the drying of delicate tissues with shadows and other decorative means, you need to use a moisturizing cream for the skin around the eyes. So you can get more attractive makeup and prevent premature skin aging.

Application of the basis. If you think that you do not need a make-up basis, then you have never tried it. It is enough to use the tool once to make it an integral part of the daily makeup. The product ensures uniform application of shadows, keeps them on the skin and prevents shedding. Make-up remains in its original form for a longer period, does not smear and does not fade.

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