Ukrainian Diaspora in Canada

How did the Ukrainians find themselves in Canada? And when exactly did the day start, which can be commemorated, as the happiest for Ukrainian Canadians?

In the nineteenth century, before the First World War, many Ukrainians who lived on the territory of the then Austro-Hungary began to experience harassment on the part of the authorities. They were forced to speak German, they were obliged to preach another’s faith and many other unjust measures tried to apply. And that’s why people left the whole villages to live in Canada, which was not yet completely decorated in the modern state.

On the territory of this country, no one forced you to do anything. You could calmly believe in what you wanted, speak as you can and work wherever you want.

Thus, as soon as people came to this paradise, they began to feel in it simply superb.

And thanks to this, the number of Ukrainians in Canada has grown to several million, which can not but rejoice with its results. Many Ukrainian Canadians are grateful for the fact that they got such a unique chance to be in this country and be able to stay in it. After all, except for homesickness, they did not attract anything back.

The modern society of Ukrainian Canadians

When you first find yourself in Canada as a guest, you can try to do everything possible to stay here forever. After all, everyone will help you to realize this idea and even it is quite possible that they will arrange for a job. In Canada, behind the scenes, there are two large groups of Ukrainians who communicate with each other, which visually still differ. The first group is the descendants of those who came to this country in the nineteenth century. These people consider themselves exclusively Canadians who have Ukrainian roots. indeed, they were born already in this country, and therefore have the full right to call themselves that, especially since they do not even have the slightest idea of ​​how and how today real Ukraine lives. The second group is people who have not yet got used to the new realities and moved to Canada in the last fifteen to twenty years.

They are busy with their landscaping, finding work and acclimatization, so they are not too happy for those who come again. And if the first group of Ukrainians meet you with bread and salt, trying as much as possible to show their cordiality to fellow countrymen, then the second one will only keep silent so that you do not have time to take their place under the sun of Canada.

This all happens because poor people come from Ukraine and until they can provide themselves so well that they can be satisfied with it, they can not enjoy the happiness of others.

But those who have long integrated and probably never even saw their so-called first homeland, will accept you as the most expensive guest who connects them to the land from where they come from. Ukrainians in Canada are the largest ethnic group that has its own schools, churches and much more. Very often on national holidays in Canada, Ukrainian people dress up in their traditional costumes and become the most colorful of all present. This shows that due to their large number, Ukrainians are recognized as a separate people in Canada, which has the full right to express their own opinion and to give various honors to their culture.

Ukrainian girls in Canada

Everyone who was in Canada and met on the street a Ukrainian girl and next to her walking Irish or French, it was striking that the Slavic roots can not be changed even by the time.

The fact is that even in the earliest times it was the Slavic girls that were considered the most beautiful in the world, which can not but rejoice those who represent this race.

Ukrainian girls in Canada are very easy to distinguish from everyone else due to their incredible attractiveness and the ability to always look great. After all, each of them in the blood has something that does not allow you to go out on the street uncombed or in crumpled clothes, and this already significantly distinguishes from the crowd. So, if we talk about Ukrainian beauties, then it’s worth highlighting their ability always and everyone likes.

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