Unexpected ways to prolong life

Sometimes the question arises about how you can increase the number of years lived, without introducing nanotechnology into your body.

It’s so perfectly understandable that your daily actions lead only to an increase in health and an improvement in the quality of life.

Thus, as soon as you begin to feel the need to put your body in order as soon as possible, you should try to carry out the very simple advice of life extension specialists that have been collected around the world and have been proven many times in practice. The main thing is not to doubt never that you will succeed and you will be able to devote more time to your favorite pursuits, which significantly prolong life as they can bring only joy to a person’s life. So, it is worth familiarizing with a set of approaches that change the person’s thinking for the better and thereby change his whole life.

Ways to extend your life

1) Sunlight is the guarantee of health. It turns out that in order to significantly reduce the likelihood of cancer and heart attacks, you must try to stay in the sun for at least three hours. Vitamin D, which synthesizes sunlight, getting into the human body, turns into a hormone that works against cancerous tumors. Thus, the more we are in the sun, the more likely that we will be healthy and at the same time live for a long time.
2) Nitrates are not so terrible. After loud statements of scientists that nitrates can benefit the body, so that improve the flow of oxygen into the body, most people have revised their views on this substance. After all, products processed with nitrates during cultivation are not too different for their harm to the body than, for example, organic products. In some countries, nitrate compounds are used to combat senile dementia, also to prevent abnormalities in the circulatory system. All this leads to a long life expectancy and a high human potential.
3) Alcohol therapy. Harvard scientists, came to the conclusion that one glass of wine a day, increases the likelihood that a person will live longer. After all, it is already proved that those who do not deny themselves a small amount of alcohol per day, are much less likely to have strokes, diabetes and heart attacks. Therefore, it is worth very attentive to all drinks containing alcoholic additives, because only the wine has a positive effect.
4) From sleep, you can get tired. It turns out that people who sleep much can suffer from chronic fatigue and as a consequence, feel much worse than those who regularly sleep no more than eight hours a day. Of course, if we talk about the fact that a person goes to sleep less than six hours a day, it is also too detrimental to health. Therefore, it is very important to observe that norm at eight o’clock, which has long been established by scientists and tested in practice. The main thing in this matter is to believe in yourself and that you, really, are able to change your life for the better.
5) Frequent washing leads to skin diseases. You dream, to see your skin always beautiful and healthy, then give up the habit of taking water procedures twice a day. The fact is that soap and hard water wash off the protective fat layer from the skin, thereby leaving it practically bare before external stimuli. Thus, it becomes more dry and prone to cracks.

The more vitamins, the longer life will be

Most long-livers, who help their advice to the younger generation, are sure that there is nothing more positive for prolonging life than saturation of their body with vitamins.

Only in this case, a person gets a unique opportunity to feel the strength and every day becomes a witness of cell renewal.

Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to your diet, so as not to lose the opportunity to be as healthy and happier as possible. After all, these two characteristics are the most powerful basis for longevity.