Unreliable Means of Contraception

Currently, women suggested many ways to contraception. This can be: condoms, hormonal contraceptives, candles and much more. Undoubtedly, much better protected than in the future to have an abortion. Abortion is a negative impact on physical and mental health of the woman.

But sometimes in the heat of passion, women and men can not control themselves. Although often it happens the other way around. People trust is not very reliable contraceptive methods.

So, what methods of contraception can be considered unreliable?

1. Menstruation. During menstruation may be pregnant. It is worth noting that this is not the best time for lovemaking. At this point, the maximum probability of catching any infection.
2. The calendar method. No woman could not say exactly when her ovulation has occurred. This method also is hardly reliable.
3. Breastfeeding. Fertility is restored every woman differently. Breastfeeding can not guarantee that the pregnancy does not occur.
4. Douching. Douching can prevent pregnancy because sperm instantly penetrate into the uterus.

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