Use of Spices

No cooking is complete without spices. Of course, every woman uses its own set. But let’s see, what is the use of spices? How do they affect human health?

1. Fennel. This spice improves the functioning of the stomach and intestines. Yet it is often used to enhance sexual desire.
2. Saffron. With it you can strengthen the immune system and to prevent stress disorders.
3. Red pepper. Pepper helps to eliminate toxins from the body.
4. Carnation. Spicy spice called cloves often used for colds, because it has a very good effect. Not in vain, it is used in the preparation of mulled wine. Sexual games due carnation become even more passionate.
5. Ginger. With a cold – is another means number one. His burning taste copes with diseases of the throat.
6. Vanilla. Vanilla – a great spice to relax and have fun. The pleasant smell of vanilla enhances the romantic awakening. Sex becomes just fantastic.

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