Useful Cocktails

Everyone should take care of their health. If you do not, then you should not wail in old age.

Only a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition will help to maintain good health for many years.

So, what cocktails do you need to include in your daily diet?

1. Apple-carrot juice. Such a mixture will give a sea of ​​energy. A bright color of the drink will improve mood. The juice is the most delicious – freshly squeezed.
2. Juice from citrus fruits. In this juice contains a lot of vitamin C. With its help you can provide prevention of colds, so it is irreplaceable during epidemics.
3. Beetroot juice. Let it not the most delicious, but very useful. With it, you can restore the thyroid gland, and still effectively clean the intestines. To make the taste more pleasant, add a little orange juice.
4. Pumpkin juice. Pumpkin is one of the most useful vegetables. With it, you can clean the liver, improve kidney function and remove excess cholesterol from the body.

Finally, we note that all cocktails are irreplaceable in winter, when the body lacks vitamins.

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