Useful Dandelion

051220169Each of us in the courtyard of this weed grows like a dandelion. Yet it can be seen from the road in a thicket of grass. Many of us bypassed by his side, and, if it appears in the garden plot, then ruthlessly eradicate. Everyone knows how quickly it spreads in the garden.

Dandelion is widespread, and it is very unpretentious. In total there are more than 200 species of plants. Flowers plants have bright yellow color. He attracts the attention of others, but no one is unaware of its health benefits. Nobody wants to have anything to do with the dandelion. Although, this is not true. Dandelion – a very useful herb for human health.

So what is so useful dandelion?

Young dandelion leaves can be used in salads. Note in dandelion leaves much phosphorus, potassium and iron. These trace elements are very useful for humans. Especially irreplaceable plant diseases of the liver.

As for the flowers of dandelion, some of them can cook very tasty jam (in appearance it resembles honey).

If you still do not believe me, try it yourself!

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