Useful Facial Mask

Each woman wants as long as possible to preserve the youthfulness of the skin and its attractive appearance. For the beauty of a woman ready to fight throughout life.

However, to be beautiful you need to observe only a few simple rules. This is the right food, sports training and proper care.

Today we will talk about what kind of facial mask is more useful.

1. Apple with oatmeal. Oatmeal with the addition of an apple is not only very tasty food. It is also a very useful mask for the skin. All the ingredients that make up it have a rejuvenating effect. This mask should be applied for 5 minutes.
2. The banana mask. Bananas need to be crushed and add sour cream to the gruel. The mask has a miraculous effect for dry skin.
3. The potato mask. Potato for these purposes should be used boiled. After that, it should be crushed and add milk. This mask is excellent to cope with skin peeling.

Lovely women, to be beautiful, it is not necessary to contact a beautician. Traditional methods of skin care also have an excellent effect!

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