Useful menus for every day

Sooner or later people are faced with the fact that their health begins to fail everyone.

It is important to note that all people do not have a single time interval, when this can happen. As soon as human health begins to stagger, people immediately try to correct something.

However, in world practice, it is much easier to prevent disease than to fight it later. Unfortunately, not all people can understand this, unfortunately not all people try to live at once a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, some argue that if you eat right, then you can die a healthy person. To raise holivars, as well as discussions on how to live correctly, we will not.

The purpose of our today’s short article told sensible people how you can prevent early deterioration of health, with the help of high-quality and normal nutrition.

To date, there are many different kinds of diets, which are aimed at helping people prolong their health for many years. An important feature of all these diets is the coordination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. If you independently know the correct proportion of the use of these ingredients, then you can independently form your daily diet.

What Everyone Should Know

The guarantee of a proper diet includes eating small portions. It is advisable to tread the daily dose for 5-6 rations. An important rule that you must remember is that people should eat according to the pyramid principle. That is, in the morning you eat more food, and by the evening it is gradually decreasing. The second important rule is that you should consume carbohydrates in the morning. After the first half of the day, the number of carbohydrates should be reduced.

That is, in the evening, carbohydrates should be considered as a minimum. By the evening you need to eat low-fat and light protein, for example, fish or cottage cheese, as well as fiber with nutrient fibers, for example, cabbage or dairy products, kefir.

Protein is an important ingredient in every human being. It forms our muscular system, is an important foundation of the immune system.

The amount of daily protein should be in the proportion of 1 – 1.5 per kilogram of human body weight. However, in the morning, as soon as you wake up, do not immediately use it, so as not to overload the digestive tract. That is, it is best to eat protein throughout the day in small portions, with each meal.

Exceptions are only breakfast, although if you eat eggs for breakfast, there is nothing terrible in it. As for the evening meal, protein can be consumed in the evening, only you need to consider that by the evening the digestive system already does not have such a strong fermentation as in the morning. Therefore, the evening diet, that is, the supper in which there is protein food, should also be easy. For example, baked fish with potatoes.

As for fats, depending on the body weight, a person should consume no more than 20-50 grams of fat per day. Only you need to understand that these fats should be of plant origin, for example, olive oil, flax seeds, walnuts, and fish oil, although it is not plant.

Examples of dishes

On the basis of the above, you can create such a variant of the dish: for breakfast you consume oatmeal with milk. Snack, that is, snack can be used walnuts.

The snack itself can use black chocolate, an apple or an orange in the lunchtime you can use meat stew, chicken soup or boiled chicken with vegetables. Snack reinforce yourself with something light such as yogurt is not sweet berries or walnuts, if you did not eat them during a snack. You can use potatoes with baked fish, stewed vegetables with a small piece of chicken breast or just kefir.

Variations of different types of food can be very much. From this everything is important to understand how to properly use proteins of fats and carbohydrates. This is the simple secret of the success of proper nutrition. Portions should be small, and when you get up and the table, you should feel slight and small hunger.