Useful Properties of Lemon

Everyone tried lemon. The taste of the fruit – very sour. Not everyone liked it. However, we must remember that in the lemon contains nutrients that can combat many ailments.

So, what are the properties of a lemon known to people?

1. Cold. All the people of the world know that the first symptoms of a cold, you need to drink tea with lemon. It contains vitamin C, which help the body fight infections.
2. Headache. Few people know, but the lemon can help to cope with a headache. To do this, lemon zest attach to the temples.
3. Cleaning the liver. Lemon in combination with honey and olive oil – an excellent tool for cleaning the liver.
4. Teeth and gums. If a person is bleeding gums, they should rub lemon peel.
5. Tired legs. When tired legs, add a few drops of lemon juice to the cream.
6. Weight loss. Citrus contribute to a more rapid digestion. Lose weight ?! Do not hesitate, eat a lemon.
7. Nails. Lemon juice gives nails a natural and beautiful shine.

As you can see, there are many properties of lemon, which many people do not know.

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