Vegetable Diet for Men

At present, more and more articles dedicated to women losing weight. It seems that men do not face this problem. And maybe none of the men did not want to lose weight.

As if there were not, this question must be considered. In addition, men are much less likely to eat vegetables than women. Why is this happening?

1. Expensive. Everybody knows that vegetables are much more expensive in winter than in summer.
2. Health. Men do not believe that fruits and vegetables have a tremendous health advantage. They only need more meat.
3. Failure. Men just do not want to eat. At work, always much faster snack sandwich.

So, out of all this it is clear that men simply do not wish to eat balanced. This fact has already been proved by scientists from Canada.

How to influence the situation is uncertain. Each person has to look after their health. In addition, if you pay attention, after 40 years for men belly appears. This is due to the fact that they eat few vegetables, and drinking more beer.

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